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Advances in Child Development and Behavior

Advances in Child Development and Behavior is intended to ease the task faced by researchers, instructors, and students who are confronted by the vast amount of research and theoretical discussion in child development and behavior. The serial provides scholarly technical articles with critical reviews, recent advances in research, and fresh theoretical viewpoints. Volume 30 discusses early recall memory, balance and motor learning, sexual selection, emotion-related regulation, maternal sensitivity and attachment, and influences of friends.

Researchers, graduate students, and academics in developmental and cognitive psychology.

Hardbound, 346 Pages

Published: October 2002

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-009730-2


  • Contributors.Preface.K. Adolph, Learning to Keep Balance.D.C. Geary, Sexual Selection and Human Life History.P.J. Bauer, M.M. Burch, and E.E. Kleinknecht, Developments in Early Recall Memory: Normative Trends and Individual Differences.L.E. Bahrick and R. Lickliter, Intersensory Redundancy Guides Early Perceptual and Cognitive Development.N. Eisenberg and A.S. Morris, Children's Emotion-Related Regulation.L. Beckwith, A. Rozga, and M. Sigman, Maternal Sensitivity and Attachment in Atypical Groups.T.J. Berndt and L.M. Murphy, Influences of Friends and Friendships: Myths, Truths, and Research Recommendations.Author Index.Subject Index.Contents of Previous Volumes.


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