Advances in Chemical Engineering book cover

Advances in Chemical Engineering

Molecular and Cellular Foundations of Biomaterials

This latest volume in the Advances in Chemical Engineering series, is a contemporary analysis of the preparation, structure and properties ofbiomaterials with emphasis on the molecular design and material/polymerinteractions. The book addresses cell-biomaterials adhesion,biomaterials and gene therapy, protein adsorption , platelet and whitecell activation processes, molecular design and surface modification ofnovel biomaterials.

Chemical engineers, materials scientists, bioengineers, biologists and biomedical scientists.

Hardbound, 248 Pages

Published: May 2004

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-008529-3


  • The new biomaterials.
    Cell-material interactions.
    Polymeric biomaterials for nerve regeneration.
    Structural and dynamic response of neutral and intelligent networks in biomedical environments.
    Biomaterials and gene therapy.
    Surface-erodible biomaterials for drug delivery.


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