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Advances in Chemical Engineering

Mathematics and Chemical Engineering and Kinetics

The cross-fertilization of physico-chemical and mathematical ideas has a long historical tradition. This volume of Advances in Chemical Engineering is almost completely dedicated to a conference on “Mathematics in Chemical Kinetics and Engineering” (MaCKiE-2007), which was held in Houston in February 2007, bringing together about 40 mathematicians, chemists, and chemical engineers from 10 countries to discuss the application and development of mathematical tools in their respective fields.

Chemical engineers, materials scientists, bioengineers, biologists and biomedical scientists


Published: September 2008

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-374506-4


  • PrefaceChapter 1 - Effective Dispersion Equations for Reactive Flows with Dominant Peclet and Damkohler Numbers C.J. Duijn, Andro Mikelic, I.S. Pop and Carole RosierChapter 2 - Overall Reaction Rate Equation of Single-Route complex Catalytic Reaction in Terms of Hypergeometric SeriesMark Z. Lazman and Gregory S. YablonskyChapter 3 - Dynamic and Static Limitation in Multi-Scale Reaction NetworksA.N. Gorban and O. RadulescuChapter 4 - Multi-Scale TheoremsLiqiu Wang, Mingtian Xu and Xiaohao Wei


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