Advances in Catalysis, 49

  • Bruce Gates, University of California at Davis, U.S.A.
    • H. Knözinger, Universität München, München, Germany


    Chemical engineers, physical chemists, biochemists, researchers and industrial chemists in the fields of catalysis and materials chemistry


Book information

  • Published: February 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-007849-3

Table of Contents

1. Directed Evolution of Enantioselective Enzymes as Catalysts for Organic Synthesis (M.T. Reetz).
2. Dendrimers in Catalysis (J.N. H. Reek et al.).
3. Catalysis in Ionic Liquids (Z. Conrad Zhang).
4. Optimization of Alkaline Earth Metal Oxide and Hydroxide Catalysts for Base-Catalyzed Reactions (A. Corma, S. Iborra).