Advances in Botanical Research, 29

  • J. A. Callow, University of Birmingham, U.K.


Postgraduates and researchers in the plant sciences including botany and plant pathology.


Book information

  • Published: October 1998
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-005929-4


"The book is a pleasure to read...thoughtful approaches and innovative ideas are standard. It also has strong, applied implications (remote sensing, restoration ecology just to mention a few aspects) and the potential to become a useful took for everybody who cares about the level and scale he/she works at and consequences scale can have for his/her research."

Table of Contents

J.A. Lee, The Calcicole-Calcifuge Problem Revisited.M.R. Ashmore, Ozone Impacts on Agriculture: An Issue of Global Concern.G.I. Jenkins, Signal Transduction Networks and the Integration of Responses to Environmental Stimuli.A. Amtmann and D. Sanders, Mechanisms of Na+ Uptake by Plant Cells.D.B. Lazof and N. Bernstein, The NaCl Induced Inhibition of Shoot Growth: The Case for Disturbed Nutrition with Special Consideration of Calcium.Subject Index.