Advances in Atomic Spectroscopy (Vol. 7) book cover

Advances in Atomic Spectroscopy (Vol. 7)

Volume 7 continues the tradition of previous volumes in this series by presenting cutting-edge and current advances in atomic spectroscopy. This volume focuses on the application of atomic spectroscopy particularly ICPMS, with an emphasis in the area of clinical and biological samplesNew techniques such as double focusing and field-flow fractionation ICP-MS are presented. Other areas such as laser induced breakdown spectrometry and new applications of graphite furnace AAS are included. A major theme of many of the chapters is speciation, which is the hottest topic in elemental determination at present.

Atomic Spectrometrists at medical schools and institutions; those working at companies involved in the clinical field and/or instrumentation manufacture; researchers in trace metal determination.

Hardbound, 438 Pages

Published: November 2002

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-51033-4


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