Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

Series Editor:

  • Benjamin Bederson, New York University, U.S.A.
  • Herbert Walther, Max-Planck Institut, Munich, Germany

This series, established in 1965, is concerned with recent developments in the general area of atomic, molecular and optical physics. The field is in a state of rapid growth, as new experimental and theoretical techniques are used on many old and new problems. Topics covered include related applied areas, such as atmospheric science, astrophysics, surface physics and laser physics. Articles are written by distinguished experts who are active in their research fields. The articles contain both relevant review material and detailed descriptions of important recent developments.
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Atomic, molecular and optical physicists, cosmologists, astrophysists, astronomers, and upper-level graduate students in these fields


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  • Published: November 2003
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-003849-7

Table of Contents

CONTENTSCONTRIBUTORS ixApplications of Optical Cavities in Modern Atomic, Molecular, andOptical PhysicsJun Ye and Theresa W. LynnI. Introduction 2II. Mode Structure and Relevant Characteristics ofFabry-Perot Cavities .7III. Cavity Enhancement: A Simple Physics Picture 9IV. Weak Absorption Measured by Field-Phase(Frequency - Domain)13V. Weak Absorption Measured by Field Decay(Time-Domain)29VI. From Optical Frequency Metrology toUltrafast Technology 35VII. Quantum Dynamics 50VIII. Concluding Remarks on CavityEnhancement 64IX. Acknowledgements 78X. References 78Resonance and Threshold Phenomena in Low-Energy ElectronCollisions with Molecules and ClustersH. Hotop, M.-W. Ruf, M. Allan and I. I. FabrikantI. Introduction 85II. Theory 92III. Experimental Aspects 113IV. Case Studies 123V. Conclusions and Perspectives 192VI. Acknowledgements 196VII. References 197[21.7.2003-11:12pm] [1-10] [Page No. 5] FIRST PROOFS {Books}4101-Bederson/Pageproofs/3d/4101-Bederson-Prelims.3d (Bederson) Paper: 4101-Bederson-Prelims KeywordvCoherence Analysis and Tensor Polarization Parameters of ðc, ecÞ Photoionization Processes in Atomic Coincidence MeasurementsB. Lohmann, B. Zimmermann, H. Kleinpoppen and U. BeckerI. Introduction 220II. Theory 225III. Different Experimental Setups 242IV. Angular Distribution and Electron-Photon Polarization 256V. Analysis of a Special Case J0 ¼ 0_!J ¼ 1=2 Transitions 265VI. Experimental Approaches and Results 274VII. Conclusion and Outlook 283VIII. Acknowledgments 285IX. Appendix A: Expansion of Dipole Matrix Elements 285X. Appendix B: Contraction of B Coefficients 288XI. Appendix C: Reduction of A Coefficients 290XII. References 291Quantum Measurements and New Concepts forExperiments with Trapped IonsCh. Wunderlich and Ch. BalzerI. Overview 295II. Spin Resonance with Single Ybþ Ions 302III. Elements of Quantum Measurements 307IV. Impeded Quantum Evolution: the Quantum Zeno Effect 317V. Quantum State Estimation Using SequentialMeasurements 334VI. Quantum Information 345VII. Realization of Quantum Channels 348VIII. References 370Scattering and Reaction Processes in Powerful Laser FieldsDejan B. Milos¡evic´ and Fritz EhlotzkyI. Scattering Processes 377II. Reactions 426III. Coherent Control 494IV. Final Comments 519V. Acknowledgments 520VI. References 520[21.7.2003-11:12pm] [1-10] [Page No. 6] FIRST PROOFS {Books}4101-Bederson/Pageproofs/3d/4101-Bederson-Prelims.3d (Bederson) Paper: 4101-Bederson-Prelims Keywordvi ContentsHot Atoms in the Terrestrial AtmosphereVijay Kumar and E. KrishnakumarI. Introduction 537II. Terrestrial Neutral Atmosphere and Ionosphere 539III. Sources of Hot Atoms 542IV. Sinks of Hot Atoms 547V. Thermalization of Hot Atoms in Collision withBath Gases 549VI. Hot Atoms and Space Vehicle Glow 566VII. Large NO Densities at 105km 582VIII. References 585[21.7.2003-11:12pm] [1-10] [Page No. 7] FIRST PROOFS {Books}4101-Bederson/Pageproofs/3d/4101-Bederson-Prelims.3d (Bederson) Paper: 4101-Bederson-Prelims KeywordContents vii