Advances in Applied Microbiology

Series Editor:

  • Allen Laskin, Ethigen Corporation, Somerset, NJ, USA
  • Sima Sariaslani, Wilmington, DE, USA
  • Geoffrey Gadd, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK

Published since 1959, Advances in Applied Microbiology continues to be one of the most widely read and authoritative review sources in Microbiology.The series contains comprehensive reviews of the most current research in applied microbiology. Recent areas covered include bacterial diversity in the human gut, protozoan grazing of freshwater biofilms, metals in yeast fermentation processes and the interpretation of host-pathogen dialogue through microarrays.
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Researchers in applied microbiology, molecular biology, mycology, biotechnology, biochemistry


Book information

  • Published: September 2007
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-373669-7

Table of Contents

1.Anaerobic biodegradation of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) and related fuel oxygenates, Max M. Häggblom, Laura K.G. Youngster, Piyapawn Somsamak and Hans H. Richnow2.Controlled Biomineralization by and Applications of Magnetotactic Bacteria, Dennis A. Bazylinski and Sabrina Schübbe3.The distribution and diversity of Euryarchaeota in termite guts, Kevin J Purdy4.Understanding Microbially Active Biogeochemical Environments, Deirdre Gleeson, Frank McDermott and Nicholas Clipson5.The scale-up of microbial batch and fed-batch fermentation processes, Chris J. Hewitt and Alvin W. Nienow6.Production of Recombinant Proteins in Bacillus subtilis, Wolfgang Schumann7.Quorum Sensing: Fact Fiction and Everything in Between, Yevgeniy Turovskiy, Dimitri Kashtanov, Boris Paskhover and Michael L. Chikindas8.Rhizobacteria and Plant Sulphur Supply, Michael A. Kertesz, Emma Fellows and Achim Schmalenberger9.Antibiotics and antimicrobials: how they influence bacteria in the gut, Karen Scott et al