Advances in Agronomy

Series Editor:

  • Donald L Sparks, S.Hallock du Pont Chair in Soil and Environmental Chemistry and Director, Delaware Environmental Institute, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA

Advances in Agronomy continues to be recognized as a leading reference and a first-rate source for the latest research in agronomy. As always, the subjects covered are varied and exemplary of the myriad of subject matter dealt with by this long-running serial
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Professionals, researchers, students, and government involved in agronomy, crop & soil sciences, plant science, and environmental sciences


Book information

  • Published: January 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-405942-9

Table of Contents

  1. Digital Mapping of Soil Carbon
  2. Budiman Minasny, Alex. B. McBratney, Brendan P. Malone and Ichsani Wheeler

  3. Impacts of Changing Climate and Climate Variability on Seed Production and Seed Industry
  4. Rishi P. Singh, P.V. Vara Prasad and K. Raja Reddy

  5. Elucidating Mechanisms of Competitive Sorption at the Mineral/Water Interface
  6. Antonio Violante

  7. Insights from the Soybean (Glycine max and G. soja) Genome: Past, Present and Future
  8. Robert M. Stupar and James E. Specht

  9. Responses of Crop Plants to Ammonium and Nitrate N
  10. Sheng-Xiu Li, Zhao-Hui Wang and B. A. Stewart

  11. Flaming as an Alternative Weed Control Method For Conventional and Organic Agronomic Crop Production Systems: A Review
  12. Avishek Datta and Stevan Z. Knezevic

  13. Ridge-Furrow Mulching Systems - An Innovative Technique For Boosting Crop Productivity in Semiarid Rainfed Environments

    Yantai Gan, Kadambot H.M. Siddique, Neil C. Turner, Xiao-Gang Li, Jun-Yi Niu, Chao Yang and Liping Liu