Advances in Agronomy, 63

  • Donald Sparks, University of Delaware, Newark, U.S.A.


Researchers and students in agronomy, plant and soil sciences, and environmental sciences in university, industry, and government. Laboratories.


Book information

  • Published: October 1997
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-000763-9

Table of Contents

A.N. Anderson, A.B. McBratney, and J.W. Crawford, Applications of Fractals to Soil Studies.H.P.S. Jayasundara, B.D. Thomson, and C. Tang, The Response of Cool Season Grain Legumes to Soil Abiotic Stresses.N.L.Taylor and R.R. Smith, Kura Clover (Trifolium ambiguum M.B.) Breeding, Culture, and Utilization.L.T. West, F.H. Beinroth, M.E. Sumner, and B.T. Kang, Ultisols: Characteristics and Impacts on Society.J.-M. Bollag, J. Dec, and P.M. Huang, Formation Mechanisms of Complex Organic Structures in Soil Habitats.