Advances in Agronomy, 57 book cover

Advances in Agronomy, 57

Researcher and students in agronomy, plant and soil sciences, and environmental sciences in university, industry, and government laboratories.

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Advances in Agronomy


Published: April 1996

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-000757-8


  • S.J. Scudder, J.E. Foss, and M.E. Collins, Soil Science and Archaeology.S.S.S. Rajan, J.H. Watkinson, and A.G. Sinclair, Phosphate Rocks for Direct Application to Soils.R.R. Duncan, Breeding and Improvementof Forage Sorghums for the Tropics.S.C. Jarvis, E.A. Stockdale, M.A. Shepherd, and D.S. Powlson, Nitrogen Mineralization in Temperate Agricultural Soils: Processes and Measurement.K.P.P. Nair, The Buffering Power of Plant Nutrients and Effects on Availability.C.E. Coulombe, L.P. Wilding, and J.B. Dixon, Overview of Vertisols: Characteristics and Impacts on Society.S.S. Virmani, Hybrid Rice.Chapter References.Subject Index.


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