Advanced Textiles for Wound Care book cover

Advanced Textiles for Wound Care

An important and growing area of the textile industry is the medical sector. The extent of this growth is due to constant improvements in both textile technology and medical procedures. This collection provides a detailed review of how textiles are incorporated into wound care applications, explaining the importance and suitability of using textiles on different wound types.

Part one of the book provides an overview of the use of textiles in particular aspects of wound care, providing details of wound management and the importance of laboratory testing in relation to wound care. Further chapters cover minor wounds, moist wound management and bioactive dressings to promote healing. Given their increasing importance, part two describes how advanced textiles, such as smart temperature controlled textiles and composites, can be used for wound care products. The final chapter gives an interesting insight into the use of fibrous scaffolds for tissue engineering.

Advanced textiles for wound care is essential reading for any manufacturers, designers, scientists and producers of wound care materials. It is a valuable resource for professionals within the medical sector, as well as those in academia.

Manufacturers, designers, scientists and producers of wound care materials; Professionals within the medical sector; Academics in this field

Hardbound, 360 Pages

Published: April 2009

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-271-1


  • …a detailed and thorough look into this exciting application of textiles., International Textile and Apparel Association
    Scholars, textile producers and medical personnel would easily find value in this volume of the Woodhead Textile Series., International Textile and Apparel Association


  • Part 1 The use of textiles in particular aspects of wound care: Wound management and dressings; Testing dressings and wound management materials; Textile materials and structures for wound care products; Interactive dressings and their role in moist wound management; Bioactive dressings to promote wound healing; Advanced textiles for wound compression; Antimicrobial textiles dressings in managing wound infection; Novel textiles in managing burns and other chronic wounds. Part 2 Types of advanced textile for wound care: Drug delivery dressings; The use of ‘smart’ textiles for wound care; Composite dressings for wound care; Textile-based scaffolds for tissue engineering.


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