Advanced Statistics from an Elementary Point of View


  • Michael Panik, University of Hartford, West Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A.

The highly readable text captures the flavor of a course in mathematical statistics without imposing too much rigor; students can concentrate on the statistical strategies without getting lost in the theory. Students who use this book will be well on their way to thinking like a statistician. Practicing statisticians will find this book useful in that it is replete with statistical test procedures (both parametric and non-parametric) as well as numerous detailed examples.
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Professionals seeking exposure to data analysis. Also advanced undergraduates or beginning graduate students majoring in mathematics, statistics, engineering, actuarial science, economics/finance and life sciences


Book information

  • Published: October 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-088494-0


"I like the fact that this text contains information about descriptive statistics and sampling techniques...I also thought the discussion of limit laws was well-written. This text is a nice blend of applications and theory without focusing on proofs." -Laura McSweeney, Fairfield University "The main strength of the book is the great length that this author is willing to go in explaining concepts...This text covers quite a breadth of topics. With this text, it would be easy to use some of the sections that I would not cover in class." -Christopher Mecklin, Murray State University "The topics are comprehensive, there are thorough explanations, a good number of worked out examples, and clearly written proofs...including proofs that are not usually seen at this level. The contents are appealing." -Pierre Grillet, Tulane University -"Panik's goal is to make the book very accessible, and in this goal he succeeds. His exposition is quite clear and I found ti quite easy to follow his many examples." -MAA REVIEWS

Table of Contents

1 Introduction2 Elementary Descriptive Statistical Techniques4 Random Variables and Probability Distributions5 Bivariate Probability Distributions6 Discrete Parametric Probability Distributions7 Continuous Parametric Probability Distributions8 Sampling and the Sampling Distribution of a Statistic 9 The Chi-Square, Student’s t, and Snedecor’s F Distributions 10 Point Estimation and Properties of Point Estimators11 Interval Estimation and Confidence Interval Estimates 12 Tests of Parametric Statistical Hypotheses 13 Nonparametric Statistical Techniques 14 Testing Goodness of Fit 15 Testing Goodness of Fit: Contingency Tables 16 Bivariate Linear Regression and Correlation Appendix A Successive Difference to the VarianceSolutions to Selected ExercisesReferences and Suggested ReadingIndex