Advanced Machining Processes of Metallic Materials

Theory, Modelling and Applications


  • Wit Grzesik, Technical University of Opole, Poland
  • Wit Grzesik, Technical University of Opole, Poland

This book updates our knowledge on the metal cutting processes in relation to theory and industrial practice. In particular, many topics reflect recent developments, e.g. modern tool materials, computational machining, computer simulation of various process phenomena, chip control, monitoring of the cutting state, progressive and hybrid machining operations, and generation and modelling of surface integrity.
This book addresses the present state and future development of machining technologies. It provides a comprehensive description of metal cutting theory, experimental and modelling techniques along with basic machining processes and their effective use in a wide range of manufacturing applications. Topics covered include fundamental physical phenomena and methods for their evaluation, available technology of machining processes for specific classes of materials and surface integrity. The book also provides strategies for optimalization techniques and assessment of machinability. Moreover, it describes topics not currently covered in other sources, such as high performance and multitasking (complete) machining with a high potential for increasing productivity, and virtual and e-machining.
The research covered here has contributed to a more generalized vision of machining technology, including not only traditional manufacturing tasks but also new potential (emerging) applications such as micro- and nanotechnology.
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This book is suitable for upper-level undergraduate, and postgraduate students, for researchers in the metal cutting area and engineers in the manufacturing, mechanical and industrial engineering sectors. Experienced engineers will find it valuable as a self-study guide.


Book information

  • Published: January 2008
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-044534-2

Table of Contents

PrefaceNomenclature1. Introduction 2. Metal cutting operations and terminology 3. Trends in metal cutting theory and practice 4. Cutting tool materials 5. Modelling and simulation of machining processes and operations6. Orthogonal and oblique cutting mechanics 7. Chip control 8. Cutting vibrations 9. Heat in metal cutting 10. Cutting fluids 11. Tribology of metal cutting 12. Tool wear and tool life 13. Machinability of engineering materials14. Machining economics and optimization 15. Advanced machining processes16. Micromachining 17. Nanotechnology18. Sensor-assisted machining19. Virtual and e-machining20. Surface integrity21. Troubleshooting for machiningAppendixIndex