Advanced Fixed Income Analysis book cover

Advanced Fixed Income Analysis

This book is aimed at experienced practitioners in the corporate bond markets and is a specialised text for investors and traders. The author relates from both personal experience as well as his own research to bring together subjects of practical importance to bond market practitioners. He introduces the latest techniques used for analysis and interpretation, including:Relative value tradingApproaches to trading and hedgingDynamic analysis of spot and forward ratesInterest rate modellingFitting the yield curveAnalysing the long bond yieldIndex-linked bond analyticsCorporate bond defaults

Investment Managers/Directors, Fixed Income Securities Traders, Financial Analysts in Banks and other financial institutions that have at least three years experience in the finance industry. The level of the books would be "professional" advanced.

Hardbound, 176 Pages

Published: June 2004

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-6263-5


  • An eagerly anticipated work that enables us to benefit from the author's knowledge and expertise as a practitioner and lecturer. Those of us involved in fixed income analytics will gain a great deal from reading this work. -- Rod Pienaar, Corporate and Investment Banking, Deutsche Bank


  • Approaches to trading and hedging; Relative value trading using govt bonds; Dynamics of asset prices; Interest rate models I; Interest rate models II; Fitting the term structure; I-L bonds; Long bond yield; Default risk of corporate bonds; Brady bonds.


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