Advanced Direct Injection Combustion Engine Technologies and Development

Diesel Engines

Edited by

  • H Zhao, Brunel University, UK

Volume 2 of the two-volume set Advanced direct injection combustion engine technologies and development investigates diesel DI combustion engines, which despite their commercial success are facing ever more stringent emission legislation worldwide. Direct injection diesel engines are generally more efficient and cleaner than indirect injection engines and as fuel prices continue to rise DI engines are expected to gain in popularity for automotive applications. Two exclusive sections examine light-duty and heavy-duty diesel engines. Fuel injection systems and after treatment systems for DI diesel engines are discussed. The final section addresses exhaust emission control strategies, including combustion diagnostics and modelling, drawing on reputable diesel combustion system research and development.
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Mechanical engineers


Book information

  • Published: December 2009
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84569-744-0

Table of Contents

Part 1 Light-duty direct injection diesel engines: Overview of high-speed direct injection diesel engines; Fuel injection systems for high-speed direct injection diesel engines; Mixture formation, combustion and pollutant emissions in high-speed direct injection diesel engines; Multiple injection diesel combustion process in the high-speed direct injection diesel engine by optical diagnostics; Turbocharging and air-path management for light-duty diesel engines; Advanced concepts for future light-duty diesel engines; Advanced control and engine management for future light-duty diesel engines. Part 2 Heavy-duty direct injection diesel engines: Overview of heavy-duty diesel engines; Fuel injection systems for heavy-duty diesel engines; Turbocharging technologies for heavy-duty diesel engines; Alternative combustion system for heavy-duty diesel engines; Heavy-duty diesel engine system design. Part 3 Exhaust emission abatement, diesel combustion diagnostics and modelling: Fuel reforming for diesel engines; Exhaust gas after treatment for light-duty diesel engines; Overview of diesel emissions and control for heavy-duty diesel engines; Optical diagnostics in diesel combustion engines; In-cylinder spray, mixing, combustion, and pollutant-formation processes in conventional and low-temperature-combustion diesel engines; Advanced computational fluid dynamics modelling of direct injection engines.