Advanced Civil Infrastructure Materials

Science, Mechanics and Applications

Edited by

  • H Wu, Wayne State University, USA

In recent decades, material development in response to a call for more durable infrastructures has led to many exciting advancements. Fiber reinforced composite designs, with very unique properties, are now being explored in many infrastructural applications. Even concrete and steel are being steadily improved to have better properties and durability.

Advanced civil infrastructure materials provides an up-to-date review of several emerging construction materials that may have a significant impact on repairs of existing infrastructures and/or new constructions. Each chapter explores the ‘materials design concept’ which leads to the creation of advanced composites by synergistically combining two or more constituents. Such design methodology is made possible by several key advancements in materials science and mechanics. Each chapter is concluded with selective examples of real world applications using these advanced materials. This includes relevant structural design guidelines and mechanics to assist readers in comprehending the uses of these advanced materials.

The contributors are made up of renowned authors who are recognized for their expertise in their chosen field. Advanced civil infrastructure materials is of value to both graduate and undergraduate students of civil engineering, and will serve as a useful reference guide for researchers and practitioners in the construction industry.
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Undergraduate and graduate students of civil engineering, materials, architecture and building engineering; Researchers and professional engineers in the construction industry.


Book information

  • Published: April 2006
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-85573-943-7


Advanced concrete for use in civil engineering; Advanced steel for use in civil engineering; Advanced cement composites for use in civil engineering; Advanced fibre-reinforced polymer composites for use in civil engineering; Rehabilitation of civil structures using advanced polymer composites; Advanced engineered wood composites for use in civil engineering; Sustainable materials for the built environment.