Adhesion Science and Engineering book cover

Adhesion Science and Engineering

Surfaces, Chemistry and Applications

In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest in the science of adhesion. Despite its multidisciplinary and undoubtedly industrial character, the wealth of phenomena to be found in the study of adhesion has drawn researchers from many seemingly disparate scientific disciplines. The intention of these books is to provide an updated view of the state of the art of adhesion science and to fill in the rather large gap in the compilation of knowledge related to adhesion science.

This set of two volumes describes adhesion science from three fundamental perspectives: mechanics, surfaces and chemistry. Volume 1 focuses attention on the contribution of mechanic principles and solutions to understanding the fabrication, design, analysis, and testing of adhesive bonds. It also offers a comprehensive overview of the current understanding of stresses, deformation, and fracture parameters associated with a range of adhesive bonds. Volume 2 deals with the other two disciplines that make up adhesion science, surface and chemistry. In addition, this volume describes several applications of adhesion science and engineering.


Published: November 2002

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-51140-9


  • Volume 1.
    Fundamentals of stress transfer in bonded systems (D.A. Dillard). Fracture mechanics and singularities in bonded systems (K.M. Liechti). Energy analysis of adhesion (K. Kendall). Strength of lap shear joints (R.D. Adams, R.G.H. Davies). Strength of butt and sharp-cornered joints (E.D. Reedy Jr.). Mechanical testing of adhesive joints (K.L. DeVries, D.O. Adams). Measurement and analysis of the fracture properties of adhesive joints (M.D. Thouless, Q.D. Yang). The mechanics of peel tests (A.J. Kinloch, J.G. Williams). The mechanics of coatings (M. Papini, J.K. Spelt). Stresses and fracture of elastomeric bonds (N. Shephard). Crack path selection in adhesively bonded joints (B. Chen, D.A. Dillard). Rheology for adhesion science and technology (A. Berker). Effect of rheology on PSA performance (D.J. Yarusso). Tack (C. Creton, P. Fabre). Contact mechanics ( K.R. Shull). Measurement methods for fiber-matrix adhesion in composite materials (L.T. Drzal, P.J. Herrera-Franco). The durability of adhesive joints (A.J. Kinloch). Ultrasonic inspection of adhesive bonds (J.L. Rose). The design of adhesively bonded joints (L.J. Hart-Smith).

    Volume 2.
    Surface Science. Semi-emperical strategies for predicting adhesion (J.C. Berg). Direct estimation of the adhesion of solid polymers (V.S. Mangipudi, A. Falsafi). Particle adhesion (D.S. Rimai, D.J. Quesnel). Surface mechanical measurements at the nanoscale (K.J. Wahl, S.A. Syed Asif). Micro-mechanical processes in adhesion and fracture (H.R. Brown). Surface analysis in adhesion science (F.J. Boerio). Surface roughness and adhesion (D. Packham). Diffusion and autohesion (R.P. Wool). Coupling agents: chemical bonding at interfaces (M.J. Owen). Priming to improve adhesion (G. Dilingham). Chemistry. Pressure sensitive adhesives (A.I. Everaerts, L.M. Clemens). Release coatings for pressure sensitive adhesives (D.J. Kinning, H.M. Schneider). Rubber base adhesives (J.M. Martín-Martínez). Fundamental aspects of adhesion technology in silicones (B. Parbhoo et al.). Hot melt adhesives (C.W. Paul). Polyrethane adhesive (K.C. Frisch, Jr). The chemistry of bis-maleimides used in adhesives (M. Kajiyama). Structural acrylics (R.F. Righettini). Cyanoacrylate instant adhesives (P. Klemarczyk). Phenolic resins: some chemistry, technolgy and history (W.D. Detlefsen). Applications. Surface treatments of metal adherends (G.D. Davis, J.D. Venables). Electron beam processed adhesives and their use in composite repair (V.J. Lopata et al.). Wood adhesives (M. Dunky, A. Pizzi).Tissue adhesives and hemostats: new tools for the surgeon (W.D. Spotnitz et al.). Applications of adhesives in aerospace (K.D. Pate).


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