Adams's Outline of Orthopaedics

This extensively revised and redesigned edition of Adams's classic textbook on orthopaedics celebrates its 50th year in print. Renown for its clear, comprehensive and concise account of the subject the book will appeal to undergraduate, postgraduate and trainee surgeons alike.

Medical students and residents.

Paperback, 472 Pages

Published: September 2009

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3060-4


  • Introduction

    Part 1 Principles of diagnosis and treatment.

    1. Clinical methods of history taking and examination
    2. Imaging for orthopaedics
    3. Other investigation techniques
    4. Treatment of orthopaedic disorders

    Part 2 General survey of orthopaedic disorders

    5. Deformities and congenital disorders
    6. General affections of the skeleton
    7. Infections of bone and joints
    8. Bone tumours and other local conditions
    9. Arthritis and other joint disorders
    10. Soft tissue tumours and other diseases
    11. Neurological disorders

    Part 3 Regional orthopaedics

    12. Neck and cervical spine
    13. Trunk and spine
    14. The shoulder region
    15. The upper arm and elbow
    16. The forearm, wrist, and hand
    17. The hip region
    18. The thigh and knee
    19. The leg, ankle, and foot


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