Acidic Emissions Control Technology and Costs book cover

Acidic Emissions Control Technology and Costs

This book helps evaluate the merits of controlling directly emitted acidid materials as part of a policy evaluation of overall acid deposition control strategies. It is based on the Acid Precipitation Act of 1980.

Hardbound, 165 Pages

Published: December 1989

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-0-8155-1208-0


  • 1. Introduction2. Results and Recommendations3. Summary of Acidic Emissions Estimates4. Development of Model Units 4.1 Industrial and Utility Boilers 4.2 Claus Plants 4.3 Fluid Catalytic Cracking 4.4 Primary Copper 4.5 Coke Ovens 4.6 Primary Aluminum 4.7 Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators5. Cost Analysis 5.1 Industrial and Utility Boilers 5.2 Claus Plants 5.3 Fluid Catalytic Cracking 5.4 Primary Copper 5.5 Coke Ovens 5.6 Primary Aluminum 5.7 Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators6. Research and Development 6.1 Research and Development in Particulate Control 6.2 Electron-Beam Irradiation 6.3 Granular Bed FilterAppendices


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