A Reader in Planning Theory

Edited by

  • A. Faludi, Oxford Polytechnic, UK


Book information

  • Published: February 1973
  • Imprint: PERGAMON
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-017066-4


The book is a must for all planners, students, teachers and practitioners, who have faith that planning is an important tool in producing a better world.

Regional Studies

Table of Contents

(partial) What is planning theory?: A choice theory of planning, Davidoff and Reiner. The idea of planning: The evaluation of planning - Some sociological considerations, Glass. British town planning - One ideology or three? Foley. Comprehensive planning and social responsibility: Towards an AIP consensus, Webber. Towards comprehensive planning: Building the middle-range bridge for comprehensive planning, Meyerson. Ends and means in planning, Banfield. The science of muddling through, Lindblom. Behind the middle-range planning bridge, Robinson. The goals of comprehensive planning, Altshuler. A response to Altshuler: Comprehensive planning as a process, Friedmann. Mixed-scanning: A 'third' approach to decision-making, Etzioni. Bureaucrats, advocates, innovators: What makes planners plan? Dyckman. The planner as a bureaucrat, Beckman. Politics, personality and planning, Rabinowitz. Advocacy and pluralism in planning, Davidoff. Notes on the structure of planning administration, Grauhan; Behavioural theories of planning: The planning process: A facet design, Dror; A conceptual model for the analysis of planning behaviour, Friedmann; Community decision behaviour: The culture of planning, Bolan.