A Quick Guide to Health and Safety

Health and safety issues now impose upon almost every part of business life. The system of enforcement is managed and implemented in the UK by The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) - but at times it can be difficult to know exactly which bits of this elaborate spider’s web should be applied in a given instance, and which are most important. This Quick Guide puts the subject into context, providing a rational overview and a valid starting point to applying health and safety in the workplace, and offers a concise and readily accessible interpretation of what health and safety legislation means in practice.
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Those in charge of ensuring health and safety in the workplace, business managers, human resources managers


Book information

  • Published: May 2008
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84569-499-9


This book is highly recommended to all levels of health and safety professionals in any environment, but would be particularly useful to middle managers and supervisors who do not wish to dig too deeply for the essence of the matter. For the same reason, it should also appeal to those who run SMEs., Health and Safety at Work
17 condensed chapters covering everything you need to know about health and safety - from legislation, business and environment to risk assessments and protecting employees, Health and Safety at Work
…provides a succinct and readily accessible interpretation of all health and safety legislation. There is quite a lot to pack into the space available, but the publishers seem to succeeded in putting in enough information without merely skimming the surface., Health and Safety at Work


Introduction - how to use this book; Your 10 minute a-z guide to health and safety; Health and safety legislation - how much is there? Enforcement and the legal situation; Health and safety - so what business are you in? HSAW act 1974 and what it means; Risks and risk assessments - what are they? Health, safety and welfare requirements in the workplace; Machinery and other work equipment; Pressure plant and equipment; Lifting and handling; Noise; Hazardous substances; Electricity; Working at height; VDUs; What to do about protecting employees; Other health and safety matters; Will you be prosecuted? References, further reading, and other sources of information.