A Primer of Clinical Psychiatry book cover

A Primer of Clinical Psychiatry

This is a text book of clinical psychiatry that is concise yet comprehensive, up to date, and readily accessible. It aims to be an easy entry to the pertinent facts of clinical psychiatry for medical students and students of mental health disciplines; a resource for established clinicians, including GPs; and also a brief yet thorough overview for the more advanced psychiatric trainee or mental health professional.  There is a particular focus on providing simple clinical tips. Liberal use of fact boxes and summary lists ensures readers will have at their fingertips the facts required for undergraduate OSCE exams in clinical psychiatry (an appendix provides explicit examples), as well as equipping more advanced readers with the basic knowledge underpinning post-graduate exams in clinical psychiatry and related allied health disciplines.  To effect coherence of approach and minimal overlap between chapters, the bulk of the text has been written by two authors who are experienced psychiatrists with expertise in a broad range of clinical and research areas. Introductory chapters cover the psychiatric interview and mental state and clinical investigations relevant to psychiatry. The second section is an overview of all of the major syndromes of psychiatry, covering epidemiology, aetiology and clinical aspects, and including discussion of specific treatment approaches. A separate section reviews more generally, biological and psychosocial aspects of treatment in psychiatry, with worked case examples.


Published: March 2010

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7295-7903-2


  • Part 1 The tools of psychiatry

    1 The psychiatric interview and mental state assessment

    2 The physical examination and investigations relevant to psychiatry

    Part 2 The syndromes of psychiatry

    3 Classification

    4 Organic psychiatry

    5 Schizophrenia and related disorders

    6 Depressive disorders

    7 Bipolar and related disorders

    8 Anxiety and post-traumatic disorders

    9 The obsessive-compulsive spectrum

    10 Eating disorders

    11 Somatisation and the somatoform disorders

    12 Personality disorders

    Part 3 Treatments

    13 Biological treatments

    14 The psychotherapies

    15 Dealing with psychiatric emergencies

    Part 4 Special groups

    16 Child and adolescent psychiatry

    17 Old age psychiatry

    18 Forensic psychiatry and risk assessment

    19 Dual disability

    20 Substance use disorders


    Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) in psychiatry


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