A Practical Guide to SysML book cover

A Practical Guide to SysML

The Systems Modeling Language

A general purpose graphical modeling language used to specify, analyze, and design systems that may include hardware, software, and personnel, SysML is now being adopted by companies across a broad range of industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, and IT system developers. This book is the bestselling, authoritative guide to SysML for systems and software engineers, providing a comprehensive and practical resource for modeling systems with SysML. Fully updated to cover newly released version 1.3, it includes a full description of the modeling language along with a quick reference guide, and shows how an organization or project can transition to model-based systems engineering using SysML, with considerations for processes, methods, tools, and training. Numerous examples to help readers understand how SysML can be used in practice, while reference material facilitates studying for the OMG Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP) Certification Program, designed to test candidates' knowledge of SysML and their ability to use models to represent real-world systems.

Systems Engineers and Software Engineers, Designers and Programmers. Particularly the intersection between these two groups, often termed "Systems Software Engineers"

Paperback, 640 Pages

Published: October 2011

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-0-12-385206-9


  • "SysML is the new industry-standard language designed specifically to support modern systems engineering. I cannot imagine a better way to learn SysML than to read about it from the masters: Friedenthal, Moore, and Steiner led the design of this important new language and now cap that effort with this comprehensive and highly readable guide for both novices and experts."

    -Bran Selic, Malina Software Corporation

    "This book is just the ticket you need to get started on the road to adopting standards-based, model-based systems engineering (MBSE) methods. The authors have done an outstanding job in providing detailed coverage of the SysML language and semantics supported through worked examples."

    -Jeff Estefan, Principal Engineer, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    "The authors of this book have been invovlded in SysML development since its inception, and have the understanding necessary to explain it clearly. In particular, the activity diagrams chapter accurately and concisely describes the SysML extensions to UML for functional flow modeling."

    -Conrad Bock, OMG Lead for Activity Modeling in SysML


  • Part I Introduction

    1. Systems Engineering Overview
    2. Model-Based Systems Engineering3 SysML Language Overview
    3. SysML Language Overview
    4. Part II Language Description

    5. SysML Language Architecture
    6. Organizing the Model with Packages
    7. Modeling Structure with Blocks
    8. Modeling Constraints with Parametrics
    9. Modeling Flow-Based Behavior with Activities
    10. Modeling Message-Based Behavior with Interactions
    11. Modeling Event-Based Behavior with State Machines
    12. Modeling Functionality with Use Cases
    13. Modeling Text-Based Requirements and their Relationship to Design
    14. Modeling Cross-Cutting Relationships with Allocations
    15. Customizing SysML for Specific Domains
    16. Part III Modeling Examples

    17. Water Distiller Example Using Functional Analysis
    18. Residential Security System Example Using the Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Method
    19. Part IV Transitioning to Model-Based Systems Engineering

    20. Integrating SysML into a Systems Development Environment
    21. Deploying SysML into an Organization


    A-1 SysML Reference Guide

    A-2 Cross Reference Guide to the OMG Systems Modeling Professional Certification Program (OCSMP) - NEW


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