A Manual of Chemical & Biological Methods for Seawater Analysis book cover

A Manual of Chemical & Biological Methods for Seawater Analysis

An introduction to the quantitative analysis of seawater, describing in detail biological and chemical techniques, which are considered to be amongst those most often used by biological oceanographers. The manual provides complete instructions for the addition of reagents and calculation of results with reference material for each method so that the original texts can be consulted if necessary. In general, the techniques require a minimum of prior professional training and methods needing very expensive equipment have been avoided.

Of value to students, environmental scientists and engineers as well as those in some other oceanographic disciplines. A practical manual for biologists and chemists including the student and technician.


Published: May 1984

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-030287-4


  • ...the volume will be extremely useful for workers wishing to employ basic biological and chemical techniques to the examination of seawater, and it is highly recommended for a variety of teaching and laboratory applications.
    Continental Shelf Research Volume 6, Number 3

    ...a beautiful compendium on the subject
    Dr M M Ahmad University of Engineering & Technology Lahore Pakistan


  • Preface. General notes on analytical techniques. Nutrients. Soluble organic material. Particulate material. Plant pigments. Photosynthesis. Bacteria. Gases in seawater. Counting, media and preservatives. Terms and equivalents.


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