A Clinical Guide to Applied Dental Materials book cover

A Clinical Guide to Applied Dental Materials

A new textbook on the practical use of dental materials suitable for undergraduate dental students and qualified dental practitioners taking post-graduate exams in dental materials, restorative dentistry, operative techniques, advanced conservative dentistry, endodontics, removable prosthodontics and implantology.


Undergraduate dental students and post-graduate dental students taking exams allied to clinical dentistry


Published: November 2012

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-4696-4


  • Section 1 - General Principles

    Chapter 1.1 Dental Materials in the Oral Environment

    Chapter 1.2 Clinical manipulation of materials

    Chapter 1.3 Biological Effects and Safety Aspects of Dental Materials

    Chapter 1.4 The Role of the Manufacturer

    Chapter 1.5 Control and Use of Materials in Practice

    Section 2 - Direct Dental Materials

    Chapter 2.1 Dental Amalgam

    The Tooth Coloured Restorative Materials

    Chapter 2.2 Resin Based Composites

    Chapter 2.3 Compomers

    Chapter 2.4 Glass Ionomer Cements

    Chapter 2.5 Resin Modified Glass Ionomer cements

    Chapter 2.6 Bonding Systems

    Chapter 2.7 Other Dental Cements

    Chapter 2.8 Materials Used In Endodontics

    Section 3 - Materials used with Indirect Techniques

    Chapter 3.1 Materials used in Temporisation

    Chapter 3.2 Impression materials

    Chapter 3.3 Waxes and Occlusal Registration Materials

    Section 4 - Other Surgery Materials

    Chapter 4.1 Preventive and Periodontal Materials, Implants and Biomaterials

    Chapter 4.2 Dental Bleaching Systems

    Chapter 4.3 Cutting Instruments

    Section 5 - Laboratory Materials

    Chapter 5.1 Model and Investment Materials

    Chapter 5.2 Alloys used in dentistry

    Chapter 5.3 Dental Ceramics

    Chapter 5.4 Polymers in Prosthodontics


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