10th International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering - PSE2009, 27

Part A

Edited By

  • Rita de Brito Alves
  • Claudio Oller do Nascimento
  • Evaristo Biscaia


Book information

  • Published: August 2009
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-53435-4

Table of Contents

Area 1: Modeling, Supporting Methods and Tools- Multi-scale modeling: molecules, continua, equipment, process, site - Linking experiments to models - Hybrid rigorous / data-driven models- Rigorous modeling of process equipment - Information Modeling- Data Mining- Large-scale optimization methods- Global optimization methods- Optimization under uncertainty- Industrial applications and case studiesArea 2: Product and Process Design- Particulate processing: formulation, grinding, agglomeration- Integration along lifecycle: from product design to manufacturing; sustainability- CFD - applications to increase productivity - Sustainable and Environmentally conscious process design - Design of water process networks - Synthesis of complex separation systems- Multi-scale design and modeling of new materials - New strategies/methods applied to design management- Industrial applications and case studies Area 3: Operations and Control- Data driven diagnosis and supervision - Real-time optimization, planning and scheduling - Model-based control of distributed systems: crystallization, polymerization, reactors, separation equipment- Environmentally safe systems for material and product storage and transportation- Zero effluent-emission-waste production: technologies and successful cases- Integrated optimization of energy generation and consumption - Development and application of soft sensors- Industrial applications and case studiesArea 4: Non-traditional applications of process systems engineering- Material and formulation design- Process Intensification for sustainable development - Carbon Sequestration - sustainability- Sustainable Resources Systems-- Renewable and environmentally safe sources of energy and raw material -- Integration of renewable, biomass and energy technologies -- Energy saving and pollution reduction- Biological Systems / Biochemical and material processing-- Drug delivery systems -- Modeling: molecular, cells, organs -- Data mining and pattern recognition- Oil and gas processing-- Design of offshore systems-- Operation of oil and gas wells-- Industrial applications and case studiesArea 5: Business decision support- Life cycle - Supply chain and logistics- Enterprise-wide optimization- Planning and scheduling of process networks- Inventory Control- Financial risk assessment - Information and knowledge management- Industrial applications and case studiesArea 6: Education in process systems engineering