Elsevier endeavours to support the use of LaTeX throughout the submission, review and production processes. We handle a large volume of LaTeX submissions annually, and work with a number of specialist suppliers to ensure that our support resources and production processes are fully geared towards LaTeX. This page provides an introduction to the support that authors using LaTeX can expect from us.

Preferred submission formats

Elsevier's preferred manuscript submission format is our own document class, elsarticle.cls, and we encourage all authors to use this. However, we will also accept submissions using any of the major journal article document classes such as REVTeX, amsart, etc.

Elsarticle is a state-of-the-art class file designed specifically for use with our journals. It has many features to help authors provide their manuscript in the requisite format. The AMS packages amssymb and amsthm are compatible with elsarticle. The elsarticle page contains a description of the document class and its options, plus links to the class file, the user documentation, and some useful manuscript templates. There is also an accompanying set of bibliographic style files to help authors format their reference lists in a consistent way using BibTeX.

For authors of CRC journals, a CRC style file is available for use along with elsarticle. More information about this is available on the page Preparing CRC articles with LaTeX.LaTeX support in EES

Manuscript submission to most Elsevier journals is via the Elsevier Editorial System (EES). This system accepts LaTeX submissions and automatically compiles manuscripts to PDF during the upload process. Full instructions are provided on-screen during submission.

It is usually quicker for authors to prepare a zip archive containing all files, and upload that in one go. Please ensure that all files are contained in a single flat file structure, with no use of folders or local references.

For some journals, if a manuscript has previously been uploaded at, the files can be retrieved from there directly into EES.

Note: If using elsarticle, or one of the other standard document classes mentioned in the previous section, there is no need to include the class file with your submission to EES, as the EES system already holds a wide range of classes and formats. Click here for a list of classes and formats included in EES. If your particular class or style is not on this list, please (a) consider re-formatting your manuscript to use a supported style, or (b) upload all the class and style files with your submission.

Further support for using EES and LaTeX is available at the page LaTeX submissions in EES, part of the Elsevier author support website.