Peer review

Peer review is the process of engaging substantive experts to read and comment on new research in the fields in which they study in order to validate and certify that research.

Peer review is an essential dividing line for judging what is scientific and what is speculation. The process screens article submissions and requires that authors meet the standards of their discipline and achieve scientific objectivity. This means that science is more than just another opinion. Read more in Reviewer's Home.

2009 Peer Review Study with Sense About Science

In September 2009, Elsevier partnered with Sense About Science, an independent NGO working to promote the public's understanding of 'sound science' to launch the 2009 Peer Review Study, the largest survey ever international survey of authors and reviewers providing insights into questions such as: Should peer review detect fraud and misconduct? What does it do for science and what does the scientific community want it to do? Will it illuminate good ideas or shut them down? Should reviewers remain anonymous?

The findings were presented in the session "Science Fact or Science Fiction: Should Peer Review Stop Plagiarism, Bias or Fraud?" at the British Science Festival, where Tracey Brown of Science About Science, David Adam of The Guardian and Peter Hayward of Lancet Infectious Diseases debated the challenges of publishing research. Browse the survey coverage below.

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"Science Fact or Science Fiction? Should peer review stop plagiarism, bias or fraud?", British Science Association Festival, panel debate with Tracey Brown, Sense About Science, Dr.James Randerson, The Guardian, and Dr. John McConnell, Editor of The Lancet Infectious Diseases

• "Quantifying the Value of Peer Review" T.Scott Blog, June 10th 2009. T. Scott Plutchak, Librarian from UAB Medical School. The blog references a talk by David Shulenburger, Vice President for Academic Affairs, National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC)

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