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Molecular profiling may be useful for early diagnosis and treatment decisions, according to study published in The American Journal of Pathology

More than 8,000 healthcare employees have access to current, trusted clinical resource

New book examines three areas that are inextricably linked, requiring an integrated approach to research and problem-solving across disciplines

Health care must reengineer its care delivery model to manage the chief medical crisis of the 21st century, chronic disease, reports the American Journal of Medicine

 Patients should ask their doctors whether a specific test is necessary

Solution is higher producing, longer-living cows, according to new Journal of Dairy Science® Study

Study published in Desalination wins Elsevier’s Atlas award

New comparison of workplace versus non-workplace suicides reveals important differences, according to American Journal of Preventive Medicine

After surgery, patients experience lower rates of anxiety and depression

Brain Mapping: an Encyclopedic Reference offers broad overview of neuroimaging concepts with applications across the neurosciences and biomedical research