Text and data mining

As the volume of scholarly output increases, we recognize that researchers are increasingly interested in using tools such as text mining to explore patterns and trends across large databases of content.

Elsevier has for many years actively collaborated with researchers and institutes to facilitate text and data mining, both by enabling access and by investing in our platforms to support these initiatives. Our text and data mining policy is intended to simplify access for researchers, as well as clearly detailing the terms and conditions of this access.


Elsevier's policy

For subscription content:

  • Academic subscribers: Researchers at these institutions can text mine subscribed content on ScienceDirect for non-commercial purposes, via the ScienceDirect API's. Access is granted to faculty, researchers, staff and students at the subscribing institution. The terms and conditions of this access are summarized below.  Please speak to your Elsevier Account Manager for further details.
  • Corporate and other subscribers: Please contact your Elsevier Account Manager to find out more about our text mining products and services. 
  • Non-subscriber access: Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis, and can be made by emailing UniversalAccess@elsevier.com.

For open access content: Text and Data mining permission are determined by the author's choice of user license. This information is detailed in the individual articles. Read more on user licenses.

How to gain access

How to gain access

For Academic subscribers once your institutional agreement has been updated to allow text-mining access, individual researcher access is an automatic process, managed through our developer portal. Researchers will need to follow three steps:

  1. Register their details using the online form on the developer's website
  2. Agree to our Text Mining conditions via a "click-through" agreement
  3. Receive an API token that will allow you to access ScienceDirect content (delivered in an XML format suitable for text mining)

See our developer's website for further details.

Conditions of text mining

Terms and conditions of text and data mining

  • Text mining access is provided to subscribers for non-commercial purposes
  • Access is via the ScienceDirect APIs only
  • Text mining output adheres to the following conditions:

1. Output can contain "snippets" of up to 200 characters of the original text

2. Licensed as CC-BY-NC

3. Includes DOI link to original content

Note: We request that all access to content for text mining purposes takes place through our APIs and remind you that in order to maintain performance and availability for all users, the terms and conditions of access to ScienceDirect continue to prohibit the use of robots, spiders, crawlers or other automated programs, or algorithms to download content from the website itself.



Elsevier's updated policy is a reflection of our ongoing collaboration within the research community. We encourage anyone with feedback and ideas to contact us via universalaccess@elsevier.com.

Read Elsevier's open letter in response to the request for Elsevier to withdraw its text and data mining policy

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