Elsevier Creates Career-Planning Guide for Early-Career Researchers

Elsevier creates career planning guide for early career researchers.

Today's research landscape provides a wealth of information resources, analysis tools, collaborative networks and facilities. Yet there's a stark increase in competition, especially for job and funding opportunities. With as many pitfalls as opportunities, getting an academic career on the road to success can be a daunting challenge.

Young researchers need a plan that addresses many elements in addition to complementing the research they do. Without a plan, researchers can make unnecessary career detours and be invisible to their peers.

Elsevier recently released the 2nd edition of Charting a Course for a Successful Research Career, a guidebook of practical advice on how to plan a research career. It's written by Alan Johnson, founder of Research Management Services International, Professor Emeritus at the University of Technology in Sydney and former Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal for Parasitology, published by Elsevier, and it includes a foreword by Olivier Dumon, Elsevier's Managing Director of Academic & Government Research Markets

The 123-page booklet has been translated from English into 10 languages: Arabic, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. It maps out the milestones young researchers should reach along the path to a successful career. It aims to help them make informed decisions, define goals and measure success, with advice on topics such as planning a career,creating a curriculum vitae, preparing a grant funding application and selecting a research discipline, supervisor and mentor. It also discusses the importance of getting recognized for their research work, how to publish and where to publish.

This publication of this booklet is part of wider program to aid early career researchers. To this end, Elsevier has created an Early Career Resources center that contains an extensive collection of information, inspiring videos, guides and webcasts; all designed to help researchers gain the most impact at the beginning stages of their careers.