Elsevier acquires QUOSA


QUOSA is a Boston-based software company that specializes in developing content management and workflow productivity solutions for researchers and information managers.

Elsevier has collaborated with QUOSA since 2007, when we incorporated QUOSA's PDF Download Manager into Scopus and later ScienceDirect, which are now on the SciVerse platform. This acquisition marks a continuation of this collaboration, which has boosted research productivity for the users of both platforms.

As QUOSA President and CEO Malcolm MacKenzie stated in the press release: "QUOSA empowers enterprises to share full-text scientific information faster and more efficiently, helping users to get more out their information while controlling costs, all with one easy-to-use copyright observant solution. Both our customers and the wider research community stand to benefit from the pooling of resources and expertise with Elsevier."

Elsevier will support QUOSA's current solutions and platform, including Information Manager and Virtual Library, while developing QUOSA's technological capabilities into Elsevier-branded solutions. The aim is to enhance the search-and-discovery process and enable researchers and information professionals to manage information more efficiently at the various stages of the research workflow, including organizing, archiving and sharing.

"Our acquisition of QUOSA ensures that we continue to deliver more value to our customers by improving the search, retrieval, management, analysis and sharing of the increasingly disparate types of information required to improve research outcomes," explained Alexander Van Boetzelaer, Managing Director of Elsevier Corporate Markets. "QUOSA brings to Elsevier an innovative offering and technological expertise that align well with Elsevier today."

QUOSA was founded in 1996 by Harvard- and MIT-affiliated mathematicians who were researching contextual search applications, according to QUOSA's website. The company began by targeting the academic and government segments and now also serves a range of corporate customers, including more than half of the top 25 pharma-biotech companies.