Elsevier acquires Ariadne Genomics, provider of pathway analysis tools and semantic technologies for life science researchers

Elsevier acquires Ariadne

Whether biologists are developing new drugs or drought-resistant plants, they must search through vast amounts of information contained in journals, documents and databases to obtain a complete perspective. Ariadne Genomics, a company acquired by Elsevier, provides tools that present a comprehensive network of interconnected biological facts to scientists by retrieving and indexing myriad findings from scientific literature.

Ariadne's flagship product, Pathway Studio, is widely used by pharmaceutical, agricultural and academic institutions. It presents "the big picture" in biological systems to reveal the cause and effect behind observations. For example, researchers use Pathway Studio to interpret gene expression experiments, to identify biological processes and pathways most affected by disease and drugs, and to create publications and communicate complex biological concepts.

MedScan, Ariadne's proprietary platform technology, is a high-fidelity text-mining and indexing engine that can rapidly process scientific manuscripts to produce highly structured biological databases. MedScan is used to produce two databases for Pathway Studio: a mammalian database that coalesces biological information related to human health (includes humans, rats and mice), and a plant database for agricultural researchers.

Combined Elsevier and Ariadne offerings will deliver better insights to research discovery and the understanding of disease mechanisms. "As a customer of both providers, I am excited to learn that Ariadne Genomics and Elsevier have joined," said Dr. Jonathan Usuka, Director of Global Business Planning at Celgene, a multinational biopharmaceutical company. "Pathway Studio provides essential support to our immunological studies. As part of Elsevier, there is the potential to deliver even more value to our researchers."

"With our integration into Elsevier, we look forward to strengthening our ability to serve biological researchers in scientific communities through further development of Pathway Studio, fortified with Elsevier's content, and complementing Elsevier's leadership role across biomedical disciplines," said Ariadne's CEO, Ilya Mazo.